deon graham

There is nothing more essential to creating a successful marketing or branding strategy than consistency. The marketing message cannot live unless it reverberates like an echo, continually and consistently embedding itself into the desired target market.  I have learned the value of consistency after years of working with major nightclubs and premier liquor brands, collaboratively developing brand content and digital identities in order to increase revenue.

I have overseen the transformation of an idea into a successful digital campaign, thus organizing and delegating multiple marketing teams, partnerships, sponsorships and operations to create fluidity between a product and its online presence. Web positioning is foremost; businesses who choose to disregard its importance discredit themselves by default.

The web is where consumers seek brand transparency, identity, and interaction. It is the easiest and most efficient means of consumer outreach. This is where the branded message thrives and where consistency breathes. This is also where my niche lies.  After logging onto a DOS system for the first time and realizing the internet would change the way we view everything, I find myself still challenging the boundaries of branding and marketing, embracing innovation and evolution and making sure to always stay ahead of the curve.